Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Black Metal est. 1997

Unveiled Aeons

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2001-2004 The 3rd Chapter - Nocturnal March

Whilst Follow the Calls for Battle turned out to be a violently, restless raging beast in the world wide underground - Slaughtercult began integrating permanent drummer Horrn. Thus preparing for the first live battle March 16th, 2002. The aftermath of this very first live performance brought forth yet another recruitment. Former session member Grigorr was replaced by Emporonorr on bass. From there on a stable line-up rampaged stages on a more less frequent level in Germany as well neighboring countries.

The second chapter still spread out like a malevolent fungus for the next three years. Thus, in the meantime once again smoke began to rise from the forges set afire beyond the walls of a massive saldorian stronghold. Early works of the third chapter like "Wicher Za Gorami", "Through Rotting Stench" and "Spectral Runlets of Tulwod" gave evidence of another devestating strike in the distant future. Concurrent to these hymns a treaty was signed with Luxemburg's Donkelheet. This pact was released in form of a mini split LP late 2003 and featured one track of each band. Slaughtercult's share entitled Underneath Stars of the East prooved to be deeply rooted within the overwhelming landscapes of the Polish soil.

Striving for a worthy follow up of the second chapter Slaughtercult re-entered the studio during the second half of 2003. For the fourth time trusting into the capabilities of long time friend and producer A. Rave. Constantly attempting to reach the highest level of perfection the recording sessions went on an on. Being an indepedant pure fucking black metal horde time is no longer of importance... finally "Nocturnal March" was unchained. With pounding trembles in the earth Slaughtercult hordes charged out through scraggy portals in order to deliver a final blow without mercy to all those daring to stand up. The first full length release with a complete line-up:

Onielar - Vox,Git Velnias - Git Horrn - Drums Emporonorr - Bass