Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Black Metal est. 1997

Unveiled Aeons

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2006 - 2009 The 5th Chapter - Saldorian Spell

A decade had been evoked elevating D. N. Slaughtercult to new found heights. From the very spires of chaos plunging down, descenting to the last circle. Leaving the weak and feeble behind - for them to dispatch the curse of uncreation, the Cult primarily focussed on the essence of existence - the ruthless stride afar the well tread out path.

Henceforth the worthless's sorrow came with pure malevolence.

Through the ashen remains of ancient times rose a previous darkened existence. A shadow absorbing pencilled vigour in order to manifest Saldorian Spells amongst the Cult, once more relying on the keen and thorough presence of long time producer A. Rave (Soundsight Studio).

A crimson pact was signed beneath the moon at retreating horizons. For no other reason but to eventually provide more time to paint audible landscapes with a color named utmost black!

Chiming the bells of a saturnine chapel:

Onielar - Vox,Git Velnias - Git Horrn - Drums Grigorr - Bass