Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Black Metal est. 1997

Past Blasphemies


New merchandise arrived. Our previous t-shirts of Follow the Calls for Battle, Nocturnal March as well as Hora Nocturna have been reworked. Visit our online shop for details.


The live slaughter continues in 2024. Added next years Braincrusher in Hell edition to our upcoming Live Rituals.


Tickets for Party-San's Herbstoffensive IV are limited. Don't miss D. N. Slaughtercult live in Weimar. Ticket link is inlcuded in our Live Rituals.


Some up-to-date images have been added. See Visual Augurations Gallery XX. Visit Stefan Raduta Photography to see a hundred plus DNS impressions taken a Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2023.


Due to several unforseen circumstances Bethlehem are not able to perform at Dark Easter Metal Meeting 2023. Thus, D. N. Slaughtercult steps in with a comeback show on April 8th. See Crimson Live Rituals for details.


The first show taking place in Germany has been announced. Hole in the Svn Festival June, 16th.


...and before you know it - there is another concert date. D. N. Slaughtercult returns to London next March.


We are finally able to announce the bands return to stages in 2023. Two dates are officially published. More announcements will follow during the next days and weeks.


After aeons of not updating our rigid website it has finally been upheaved to a responsive design.


Osmose Productions honored our early works with yet another vinyl edition. Follow, Nocturnal and Hora Nocturna vinyl is now available with a white with black marble effect. Furthermore we have unearthed some relics while clearing space for the new vinyls. A very small amount of Mardom DigiPacs and MCs has been added to our online shop.

Latest Blasphemies