Tales of a Darkened Past
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1999-2001 The 2nd Chapter - Follow the Calls for Battle

After the demo mCD The Pest Called Humanity was released the line-up was reduced to just Onielar and Velnias. Without bass and drums the heralds of Slaughtercult continued working feverishly on new material. Beyond the battlements of Saldor the fact of loosing a skilled mercenary on drums was somewhat a set back, but patiently the steel was sharpened.

Many dared to sit down upon the mighty drum throne! However with the only result of wasting unecessary time. Early creations like Thanatos, Our Glorious Presence and Hora Ruid which were the first new tracks after the departure of Ariovist, already reflected that the black heart of the band was pounding stronger than ever before. With the distant plan to strike again, they managed to find an excellent replacement on the drums: Horrn, the second session member!

The goal of unleashing the second chapter in front of their eyes five more tracks were written, without knowing what they would sound like with bass and drums. Then finally after almost two years Slaughtercult unsheathed the swords and invaded the studio to record the first full length album: Follow the Calls for Battle! While the first chapter was merely the beginning, the second chapter took it a whole level higher. In every aspect the material had improved, faster, more aggressiv and much, much more brutal. This time they showed their deriding worn out masks, which cleary stated their line up during that time:

Onielar - Vox,Git   Velnias - Git   Horrn - Session Drums   Grigorr - Session Bass

Rumor has it that Horrn decided to join the band as a full time member.
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