Tales of a Darkened Past
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2009 - 2012 The 6th Chapter - Necrovision

Harken! Although having signed a saldorian covenant there was need for yet another treaty sealing a long time companionship. Thus the Cult joined forces with Purgatory for an alliance entitled "The Legion of Chaos".

Still witnessing the impact of the Cults latest spell a new chapter was augured. As the predecessor merely opened the archaic portal it was upon time to demystify the blackness awaiting beyond the threshold. As more and more time trickled away - like primordial sapphirine driplets bedewing desiccated tongues - a more sinister aura radiated from the unkown onto the palace empty of God. The portal couldn't be kept open for much longer, thus with keen bedevilment nine necrocosmic visions were manifested.

Whilst an era comes to an end another era dawns. May these visions be perceived for what they truely are - for upon their arrival night eternally reigns.

Transcending the Necrocosmos:

Onielar - Vox,Git Velnias - Git Horrn - Drums Adversarius - Bass
Design by Slaughterarts
Onielar & Velnias endorsed by ES Guitars Home of Saldorian Spell & Necrovision Taurus Esoteric Horrn endorsed by B-Stick of Denmark