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Past Blasphemies
25.03.16 Forever Plagued Records will reissue several of our tshirt designs. Refer to their webpage to stay updated.
23.03.16 Three live images taken in Moscow have beend added in gallery 17.
25.01.16 D. N. Slaughtercult will be part of the German Hell Unleashed Chapter VI taking place in September. See live battle section for more Details.
23.01.16 D. N. Slaughtercults return to Spain is scheduled for October 15th. See live battle section for more Details.
20.09.15 A new concert date has been announced. D. N. Slaughtercult will perform at next years Fire of Death Festival in Moscow.
16.08.15 The Maryland Deathfest is coming to Europe. Refer to the Bloodstained Live Rituals for further details.
19.07.15 The gallery section has been fixed, thus after a long period of silence some up to date images have been added here.
07.07.15 Apparently some portions of the website have been broken for a while. Deathbook and newsletter should be functioning once more.
14.06.15 First live date for 2016 has been posted. D. N. Slaughtercult returns to the UK. Details here.
31.03.15 Two more live dates have been added.
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