Past Blasphemies
10.11.18 On February 2nd, 2019 Slaughtercult will rock at We Rock in Madrid.
08.10.18 DISCLAIMER: please do not believe circulating advertising for this months Rites of the Black Mass in Bucharest. The bands participation and probably that of many other bands is a hoax! Do not visit this event.
22.08.18 First concert date in 2019 is confirmed.
17.08.18 New soil has been baptized in blood. Check the updated version of conducted rituals.
08.07.18 Slaughtercults expansion towards the east has been depicted upon an updated version of the conducted rituals map.
10.05.18 A second ritual in November has been added for Purgatorys 25th anniversary.
02.05.18 Tradition demands DNS once more to willingly join forces with Purgatory in November.
26.02.18 Slaughtercults long overdue live premiere on Polish soil finally takes place in Zabrze on June 23rd.
24.02.18 New Merchandise has arrived. Designs of Saldorian Spell and Necrovision have been revised. Zippers and longsleeves are available in small quantities. Place orders here.
19.02.18 Columbia Theater in Berlin will witness D. N. Slaughtercult live on December 15th.
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