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Past Blasphemies
19.02.18 Columbia Theater in Berlin will witness D. N. Slaughtercult live on December 15th.
05.02.18 What about Necrovisions successor? Get enlightened and find out a bit more on the upcoming new album here.
14.10.17 Slaughtercult will make up for this year cancellation at Throne Fest in 2018. Details here.
02.10.17 Another debut coming up twenty-eighteen. Slowakia will witness Slaughtercult at Gothoom Open Air Festival on July 5th.
21.09.17 Back to Finland on November 11th, 2017. Conjured at Steel Chaos. Coming April D. N. Slaughtercult returns to the UK to perform North of the Wall.
20.08.17 Updated the galleries with some impressions taken at the PSOA 2017. Slaughtercult returns to Barcelona early next year for an exlusive Show.
31.07.17 Being part of the Metal Days in Slovenia Slaughtercults european expansion continues in 2018.
14.05.17 Sad to say - we need to cancel our performance at Throne Fest. Horrn has been put on ice for at least another six weeks. As we can not find a suitable replacement in such a short time we have no other option than bailing out.
03.05.17 During the last weeks we have been through many setbacks. Utmost dedication helps us to prevail. However, every now and then time is just not in ones favor. The series of setbacks has now reached a new climax forcing us to cancel the upcoming show in Budapest. A few weeks ago we have lost equipment, many instruments as well as temporarily our rehearsal room due to water damage. At that point the concert was already at stake. Despite the losses we decided to go through with it. Equipment and instruments can be "replaced" in one way or anothter. One thing that can not be easily replaced is "health". The aforementioned climax has been an accident at work. Horrns right hand has been squished, thus rendering it useless in the near future. We honestly regret it, but we have no other option then cancelling next weeks show. We would like to emphasize that the organizer is absolutely guilt-free. Furthermore we do encourage everyone to still visit the show in case it goes on.
23.03.17 May 13th, night time in Budapest!
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