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16.03.20 Due to the current Corona situation the festival organizers of EROS AT ARMS (Zurich, CH) were forced to cancel the event.
07.03.20 After eons the gallery section has been updated.
15.12.19 April 25th Slaughtercult returns to Zürich: Bloodstained Live Rituals
13.11.19 March 14th Slaughtercult returns to London: Bloodstained Live Rituals
23.10.19 A second clip from the Dark Easter Metal Meeting has been published on YouTube.
23.09.19 DNS returns to the Wolfszeit Festival in 2020. See Bloodstained Live Battles for details.
31.08.19 After many years Slaughtercult will return to Sweden as part of the House of Metal Festival taking place in February 2020. More details here.
06.08.19 The history of Slaughtercults motion pictures has been extended. The closing sermon Nocturnal March can be viewed here
03.06.19 Osmose Productions is about to release a red galaxy edition of our 2nd, 3rd and fourth chapter. Pre-Sales started
03.06.19 D. N. Slaughtercult returns to the Way of Darkness Festival in October.
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