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The Pest Called Humanity

A spiritual cold spell fills the air,
from the depth of my soul,
I can breathe the smell of decay.
Walking on the ground of mighty Saldor,
during the hours of darkness.

Silent drops of tulwood are balming the steps,
these are the steps which bring me into the abyss.
This onielar I bring down to this earth.
Rising against the dark

Bring every zadula to the brink of run.
Bring every zadula to the brink of run!

This Onielar I bring down to this earth!

Design by Slaughterarts
Onielar & Velnias endorsed by ES Guitars Home of Saldorian Spell & Necrovision Taurus Esoteric Horrn endorsed by B-Stick of Denmark
Invocations: 851157